Take your mountainbike films to the next level: Join our MTB filmmaking workshop! 

26.07-02.08.2014 – Sion, Switzerland

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Regular Rate: 1990 Euro

Early Bird Rate: 1790 Euro
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5 of 7 spots available!

"Making a film about your adventures is as tough and challenging as it is rewarding. I know because I was right there a couple of years ago. I started out with a modest little GoPro, filming my friends. A lot has happened since then. Millions of people have watched our videos. They have been screened at International festivals. And finally, I made my dream come true: I became a professional videographer, making a living out of what I love doing.

Now I'd like to invite you to take a look behind the scenes. To share the secrets of how to make outdoor sports films, that people actually love to watch. Within these 7 days, I will tell you everything I have learned about filmmaking and I will introduce you to all the rules, mechanisms and formulas that make a good movie. This is your opportunity to get all the information, inspiration and support that you need in order to create your own films - whether you are just starting out or if you are a seasoned pro, looking for fresh approaches."

Tom Malecha
Tom is the creative mind behind Filme von Draussen, an award winning outdoor film production, specialized in mountain bike videos.


In this seminar he will teach you everything he knows about filmmaking. 

Meet The Hosts

Gabriel Klouda
Gabriel is the owner of Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures, an excellent host, great guide and allround nice guy.


He will take care that you enjoy your time in our awesome chalet and will show you some of the best trails of the Swiss Alps.